BLACK Edition News Wk. 5 – NEW Basic Setup.

UPDATED Kit Setup.

JQ December Kit Setup 2017

– Long front and rear links on hubs. Lengthening both front and rear links together 4.5mm maintains the great balance of the car, while calming it down, and slowing down it’s responsiveness, and widening the comfortable window you can drive within.

– Slightly thicker rear diff makes the car more stable, specially off power and entering corners

– Motor 1 step back from all the way forward. Arrows back, front mounting holes. This makes the car feel heavier and more stable on the track. If you want more steering specially in hairpins, more response, and slightly better jumping ability, run front holes with arrows forward, like JQ and Degani do.

You only need to make small changes to this setup to make the car work in any condition, for example:

– Thicker 2.6 or 2.8 rear swaybar for high grip tracks.

– Thinner front swaybar, 2.2 for more off power steering.

– Thicker diff oils for high grip tracks. Check our guide.

– More antisquat for smooth tracks.

Don’t go overboard and change too much!

Here is the setup JQ and Degani ran at the Fall Brawl:

QUAGRAINE FallBrawl MyrtleBeach Dec17