BLACK Edition News Wk.14 – Nordics Setup – Angled Pistons

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Recently I ran a modified setup that worked really well. You can see the setup here:

Nordics Setup August 2018

The main differences here are the pistons, shock positions, and rear toe in.

  • Pistons. I ran the Ultimate Racing conical angle hole pistons, flat side up. I blocked off one hole on the 8 hole pistons with a soldering iron, to make them 7 hole pistons, then drilled them to 1.25 and 1.35. I ran the same oil as I normally would. The pistons have more pack, but same low speed feel, so I tried laying down the shocks, and it was better. I ran the old JQB0058 rear shock shaft on the front, and outside hole on the front arm. This setup felt really good, possibly a bit stiff. Maybe could try 7×1.3 front 7×1.4 rear. Or could event try the stock 8 holes, but I do believe the 7 holes will be better most of the time.
  • Rear toe in was better with just 1.5 degrees of toe. The car was faster, had more steering and corners speed, and the traction was still good!

Give this setup a try if you want to try something different.