BLACK Edition News Wk. 10 – DNC Setup

Recently the JQRacing team had a really successful outing at the DNC18, which culminated in Max Mört taking the win in the Expert Buggy class. The race was a good example of the different stock setups we have developed for the car, and how we were in complete control, and comfortable with making a combination of pre-determined changes during the race.

You can find the winning setup here.

Here are the changes, that were made all at the same time towards the end of the race, when the track got bumpy, and started to feel edgy in places.

  • Rear hub insert, from the top hole +1 insert (lowest hub), we moved to the middle hole +1 (raised the hub). The reason for this is, that raising the hub softens the suspension and improves the bump handling, and it also reduces side bite and makes the rear end slide over bumps and not want to catch them as much.
  • We moved the rear hub 1 step backwards, to the middle. From 1 shim in front of hub, to 2. The longer wheelbase, and reduced driveshaft angle further improve the car in bumps, specially on power.
  • We ran the lower outer row on the hub, and raised the inner link position to the top. This keeps the roll centre low, even after the hub height change, (which would otherwise raise the RC). The lower RC keeps the car lower and more stuck to the track on power, and makes it less likely to flip over.
  • Some drivers were already running 1 degree anti squat, but the ones that weren’t, went from 1 hole up in the C-plate to the 0 insert.

Making these 4 changes together improves the car on a rough edgy track, and it was exactly what Max needed in the Expert A Main.

We had a great team at the DNC, and the #jqtakeover was almost too successful 🙂