JQRacing began as JQProducts back in 2010. The brand started out as a crazy idea, no money and no experience in business, just two ambitious RC Racers ready to go Against THE Odds! Below you can read, and watch videos about JQRacing, and how this went from one persons ridiculous idea to what it is today. We will keep adding chapters as they are lived and written. As embarrassing as it is looking back at some of these things, we think it is good to have, to remind us where and why it all started. Check back once in a while for more updates.

2015 – Maturing as a Company, Turning Things Around!

Annual Report Coming in January. Promise!

2014 – A Difficult Year

Annual Report coming soon…no really.

2013 – Establishing Ourselves, THECar White Edition

Watch all 3 parts below:

Part 1 Youtube

Part 1 Vimeo

Part 2 Youtube

Part 2 Vimeo

Part 3 Youtube

Part 3 Vimeo

2013 JQ Products Annual Report coming soon…..seriously!

2012 – Moving Forward, THECar Yellow Edition

2012 – THECar Yellow Edition Explained

2012 -THECar Yellow Edition Setup Talk

2012 – JQ Products Annual Report


2011 – JQ Products Annual Reports – What We Were Up


2011 – THEHalf Year Report [1/2] 

2011 – THEHalf Year Report {2/2]


2010 – Our 1st Product, “THECar” Released in December



Read the original release texts here. Below you can see the original release dates! How time flies.

03 August 2010 Part 1:· First Photos, and Specs.

09 August 2010 Part 2: THE Car Features Listed.

12 August 2010 Part 3: My Goals, and Front end Geometry.

18 August 2010 Part 4:· Rear End Geometry.

24 August 2010 Part 5: Steering, Shocks and Radiotray Simplicity.·

26 August 2010 Part 6: Weight Distribution Funkyness· 

02 September 2010 Part 7: · Drivetrain, Fueltank and Aerodynamical Beauty


2010 – JQ Products THEBeginning Turning a Dream into a Goal


Part 1, released 15th April 2010 “THE Beginning”

Part 2, released 3rd May 2010 “THE Real Hard Work”

Part 3, released 17th May 2010 “Three Years of Designing, Testing and Developing”

Part 4, released 2nd June 2010 “Building The Prototypes”

Part 5, released July 2010, “How it actually went from files in a computer, and a prototype on my bedroom/office table, to a production car in 60 steps.”