THEGuide: Incredibly, one of the most famous and treasured products produced by JQRacing is actually just some words and sentences written about RC Car setup and driving. Originally the guide was written because at the time, the information available did not seem to correspond very well with what we felt when making setup changes ourselves. Some of the information was also confusing and not clear or precise enough, just stating “more steering” or “easier to drive”. Our goal with THEGuide was to write a complete collection of articles that cover everything to do with 1:8th scale buggies, in a way that anyone can understand. We tried to make it as accurate as possible, and as precise as we could.

We have found that a lot drivers, even those not racing JQ, print out the guide and take it to the track with them. They use it as a base for learning setup. That is the best way to learn, get ideas from the guide, try them for yourself, and write your own notes, in your words, so you are sure to remember and understand exactly what everything does.

In 2016 we will be updating the guides with fresh information, we have learned a lot over the past few years. We will leave the original text there, so you can see the progress in our understanding too!

Setup Guides & Advice

1. BLACK Edition Setup Guide

2. White Edition Setup Guide

3. Yellow Edition Setup Guide

4. General 1:8th Buggy Setup Guide


Downloadable Setup Sheets

1. BLACK Edition Setup Sheets

2. GREY Edition Setup Sheets

3. White Edition Setup Sheets

4. White Edition eCar Setup Sheets

5. Yellow Edition Setup Sheets