We realised that when designing a racing car, it is not only about how fast the car is, how much steering it has, or how much acceleration it has, but more about controllability and handling. We learned that we need to place more emphasis on the driver, and the experience of driving the car. The car should feel like it wants to be driven, and it should inspire confidence in the driver. After all we all race because we enjoy it, and we all want to win, so our goal is to make driving at your maximum pace, as much of an enjoyable experience as possible. Below you can read articles about the development process, as well as read articles about the setup and maintenance of your vehicle.

* White Edition LV Explained

* White Edition LV Setup Guide

* White Edition Explained

* White Edition Setup Guide

* 25 Hour Test

* Setup Sheets

* Where to Buy


We are constantly developing our race cars in an effort to provide you with the best possible vehicles. We are updating our guides and articled regularly, so please do check back from time to time. We share what we learn with you, because we believe it helps us all enjoy RC Racing more!