BLACK Edition News Wk.1

We will start posting BLACK Edition News every Monday from now on. We will post anything relevant to racing your BLACK Edition JQRacing buggies. Mostly the posts will cover the most up to date setups and modifications we do, advice for maintenance, and a description of the most important option parts, new parts, etc. This will be a resource for you to be able to get the most out of THECar itself, as well as your own driving and racing. Be sure to check back each and every week. To start off, here are some valuable links for you to familiarise yourself with.



Links to setup guides, and advice, setup sheets, manual, parts lists, etc. Bookmark this page, this is where you can find everything relevant to the BLACK Edition.


Most Popular JQ Blogs

A lot of useful information here, and a lot of entertaining bs also. Please note that the blog is going to make a return, with news posts every Wednesday from now on.


JQ Facebook Lives

As above, but in video form. Also available with chapters one day on JQRacing’s youtube channel. As FB Live videos are obviously live, we don’t have a set schedule for them, due to JQ’s rather mobile and Forrest Gump-esque life. They will be announced, and posted randomly, and when there is something of value contained in the mess, they will also be uploaded to youtube, with chapters added so you can find the information you want without having to sit through the complete painful experience.


BLACK Edition News


Each weeks BLACK Edition News will be archived here, so you can access them anytime.

As the JQRacing company grows, so do our resources. Since the beginning we have supported all of you, and by you I mean RC Racers. We do so regardless of what brands you use. This will not change. The more you support us, the better we can support you with free guidance, advice and entertainment. We are looking forward to the next couple of years where you will see a great improvement in our presence, in an effort to make RC Racing more fun for everyone. Thank you for the many years of support.

  • Joseph Quagraine