JQRacing Lovers and Haters Competition

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Prior to this years Neo Race JQRacing announced two totally amazing opportunities for drivers, however in typical RC Gypsy style the ideas were hatched only a few days in advance of the event but despite this they were both a … Continued

JQRacing in Italy

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  JQRacing has been available in Italy ever since the beginning, but our presence has been lacking. Now we are looking to improve our presence in Italy, and build a team around the super fast Leo Valente who is racing … Continued

JQRacing Stronger in Germany, & Europe

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We have great news for all JQRacing followers in Europe, both racers and Hobby Shops, specially to the German speaking ones. RCFox in the western part of Germany in Cologne will beginning stocking, promoting and selling JQRacing products, as well … Continued

JQRacing France – Très Bien!

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  It’s been a while, but we have finally managed to find a representative for JQRacing in France, or actually two. France is a big market, full of passionate, intelligent and innovative racers. Most forms of motorsport seem to have … Continued

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