BLACK Edition News Wk.3 – New Setup, and 2 Tricks

The JQRacing Latin America Tour took JQ and Keenan White to Argentina for the final National in Mendoza. The track was great, with big jumps, technical corners, and a medium to loose dusty surface that became increasingly bumpy over the week end. The track was watered so it went through all different stages of dampness to bone dry. Here JQ reports about his findings with the BLACK Edition:

I ran a brand new car for this race. I built a car with all new lightweight parts, Lunsford hingepins and select screws, future optional JQRacing alu balls and brake cams. Didn’t use the brake cams much as they fell off at the end of the 2nd lap in the main. Oops! Remember that threadlock. My car weighed in at 3380g, with the heavy savöx metal case servos, and I didn’t have any alu nyloc nuts yet either. I think the “lightweight” car will end up weighing about 3350g.

First impressions of the car with all the new bits on it was impressive. Dare I say it was the best my car has ever been. We ran long links again, in an effort to make the car more forgiving, and smoother. You can check out the setup here.

Some people have noted that the steering link hits the front swaybar in the setting we like to run it. The solution for that problem is to run two curved steering link ends, and place them so they move the turnbuckle away from the swaybar. Please check the pictures.

Another small detail, is the bodyclip securing the battery connector, and avoiding any chance of divine intervention from ruining your race. This idea was spotted in Bolivia, on I believe Rocker Hobbies own Bryan Bohrt’s BLACK Edition. Simply glue the connector to the throttle servo mount, connect the battery, and drill a hole through all of it. Another detail is the Richard Saxton TM wire glued on to the connector, that you then use to disconnect the battery, so you don’t keep pulling on the wires risking damage.

That’s it for now, remember, it’s all in the details!


New Toe in plates, JQB0412, 413 and 415