JQ Results Roundup – January Week 2

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2019 Vietnam International

The 2019 Vietnam International Finals was held last weekend at the Vietnam L.A. track in Can Giuoc. Racers from all over Asia attended the race. During the practice rounds JQ Racing’s Joseph Quagraine already showed domination by leading the top seed, and during the qualifying rounds he further proved that his racing and car is even more dialed by taking the overall TQ. Paphon Chanyasak, the top driver in Thailand had his best run in RD 2 and 2 times in second place, Total 4 points gave him 2nd position for overall qualifying. Witsarut R, Team Maxima driver from Thailand taken 3rd and Yuchi Kanai from Japan in 4th, Adrian Wicaksono from Indonesia in 5th.

In the finals, Kyosho driver, Yuchi Kanai took good chance and leaded for a while with his new Kyosho Inferno MP10 and Thailand Team Maxima driver Paphon Chanyasak behind him. Joseph had bad luck at the earlier part of the finals, but was able to catch up and didn’t look back all the way to the finish taking the victory. Paphon Chanyasak came in second and Yuchi Kanai completes the podium in third place.

Bro and Adam send in thier report from the Vietnam International Challenge!

We went there with 3 objectives:
– To have fun racing.
– To gain rc racing experience/learn
– To meet/make new friends.
End of the day, we met all 3 objectives

The racing itself.
Seeding – P36 of 100
Q1 – P14 of 100 combined – BL=39s
Q2 – P10 of 100 combined – BL=39s
Q3 – P10 of 100 combined – BL=38.7s
Q4 – P8 of 100 – best 3 of 4 – BL=38.3s
Q5 – P12 of 100 – best 3 of 5. – BL=38.8s
Qualified straight into Semi-Final B.

Semi Final B
Our inexperience mistakes prevails. The character of the track beat us and Adam did not make the cut into the Finals. He is sad, but hey – he made it into the Semi Finals straight with best achieved P8 overall during qualifying with lots of big names in the Asia Region. We learn and gain the experience we never had.😊.

I just have to say this – the track looks simple but it is not, actually. Flow was good. Anyone who likes technical layout, this is one of the best one.

To add to the challenge, which we have never experience before is the single track itself has multiple character depending on the time of day. Not only tire choice is crucial for each run, the multiple character determines how one shud drive the car and at which section.

Everyone struggle with this. Those with years of experience (which Adam/Me dont have) may adapt well to each scenario, both driving style, tire choice and at which section on the track.

This is where Adam/Myself gain in new experience. We were somewhat struggled during the seeding but spot on during qualifying. But somewhat disaster during the semi finals. We learn and gained.

Looks like we have to race overseas more to gain more experience..hahaha. thanks to Ahmad Yusaini for his mechanic and pitting work makes the day more relaxed for all 3 of us.

  1. Racing in Vietnam for the first time is super fun. Information was available and the host was well informed. Hospitality and basic organization is well done. Language of communication has a slight barrier. Luckily there is David Lim Vietnam who speaks English well. There certainly room for improvement. We had good fun and healthy competitiveness racing. For me and Adam – its a THUMBS UP overall.

Both Adam/Me have agreed to race more overseas for him to excel to the next level in the Asia Region. Looks like we have to bring our own dedicated mechanic. Ahmad Yusaini Mohd Yusof – please renew your passport!!! Hahaha.

Irish Winter Navan Nitro Nuts Series

JQ Racing Ireland driver Bradley Baird took TQ and win at the Irish winter Navan Nitro Nuts series. Bradley set off in the 30min A final and never looked back setting fastest lap after fastest lap to take an impressive win. Well done Bradley his teammate David Telford would finish in a respectful 6th place congratulations guys!

Solo Off-Road Championship Puerto Rico

JQ Racing Puerto Rico Driver Eliud Hernandez drive his Black Edition and Grey Edition to 3rd spot on the podium in nitro and ebuggy this weekend! this was the first race of the SOLO Off Road Championship series atbthe Farjando RC Track. Well done Eliud in a great performance and great to see racing back in full swing in Puerto Rico!!!

2019 Winter/Spring Series

JQ Racing Driver Christopher Fail got his Spec Q on Friday put his motor and electrics in it and finished 3rd in the Amain Saturday!!! Well Done Chris great result for the first time ever driving the car! Also attending this race was James VanHook who finished 5th and first time ever racing his Black Edition new JQ Racing Driver Joe Canibano who was battling for 3rd place with Fails until a clutch bearing failure. And a DNS to The Jeff Keeton who had a throttle servo go bad in warm up. That made 4 JQ Buggies in the Amain at Phil Hurd very impressive indeed🤘🏼Well done to all the JQ Drivers that made this A Main you guys rock!!

Phil Hurd Raceway Club Race

Jeff (The Keeton) Keeton had a good weekend at Phil Hurd until a throttle servo went in warm up for the nitro Main where he qualified in 2nd 🤦🏻‍♂️ Jeff would honor to finish 3rd in Ebuggy at the end of the day well done Jeff great work!

Thornhill Championship Series

Texas Racer Jeff Pfiefer attended Thornhill ‘s first big race of 2019 and first time at the track with his Grey Edition. Bad luck in qualifying would see Jeff BQ but would bump up and take 6th in Pro Ebuggy. Mike Silva would do the same in sportsman ebuggy and bump up from the B to finish 7th over all. Well done to the only 2 JQs in attendance making their A Mains great work guys!

World of RC Christmas Race

JQ Racing’s Nick Costa would brave the cold temperatures to attend a race at World Of RC in Wilson NC!! Bad luck in Nitro but made up for it in Ebuggy well done Nick!!