Driver Spotlight: Matt Harrison

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Name- Matt Harrison
Age- Soon to be 49. How did that happen?!
Location- Santa Barbara, California
Years racing-? Roughly 4

How did you get into RC?
My brother from another mother, Mike Atherton. I blame him. Lol
Biggest race attended?
So far just a Grass Roots race, but that will change for 2019.

Favorite Track you have raced?
Channel Islands RC in Santa Barbara.

Favorite Driver ever?
I’d have to say, Robert Battle.

In your Years in Rc how has it changed for the good and bad?
The good: The progression of RC racing, IE; RCGP.
The bad: Negativity and infighting. Can’t we all just get along??

Persons in RC you look up to?
Stephen Bess, Joseph Quagraine, Keenan white, AKA Lefty the Great and all the people involved in growing this sport we are all so passionate about.

Most memorable moment in your time in RC?
Racing with all the good friends I have made.

Advice for younger drivers ?
Listen to the experienced racers and heed their advice. Keep it fun and don’t take yourself too seriously.

Any hobbies outside of RC?
Well, I used to race motocross and loved running, but now I’m just old and broken!

Anything you wish to add from your years of experience in the hobby?
Enjoy the sport and the good friends made. Life is too short for all the other bs!

Shout Out /thanks to anyone?
I’d like to thank Joseph Quagraine for answering all my lame questions. Keenan White for his awesome self in general, and all of the locals at Channel Islands RC in Santa Barbara.

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