Driver Spotlight: Scott Walker

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Name- Scott Walker
Age- 26
Location- Leamington Spa, UK
Years racing- 13 years


How did you get into RC?
I used to play football but then got dropped from the A to the B team and decided I could do something different. I had a Tamiya Baja Champ for the park, but Dad took me to the track and I was hooked, albeit with onroad cars to start….

Biggest race attended: 2014 Sicily Worlds as a mechanic. Neobuggy or Bitty Contest for racing.

Favorite Track you have raced:
 Barco Off or Asti

Favorite Driver – Davide Ongaro

In your Years in Rc how has it changed for the good and bad?
I would say RC has changed for both good and bad. The improved technology is good; lipos, brushless, 2.4GHz etc. However the increased prices and constant need for people to be “sponsored” is killing the hobby. It used to mean a lot to get slight discount on a few items; whereas nowadays everyone seems to be part of a team and “sponsored”.

Persons in RC you look up to? Andrew Rennick, Jamie Booth

Most memorable moment in your time in RC?
Going to the Bitty Contest in Italy with a JQ White Edition built by Bradley Baird to try…. First time meeting JQ and I didn’t finish a run; ending dead last. Issues included; front brake cam rotating onto the centre diff instead of the brake pads, no rear brace being installed, rear diff with zero shims in it. From that race onwards I have run a JQ and have never let Bradley build me a car again 😛

Advice for younger drivers?
Always remember it is for fun. Everyone has bad races but you have to remember you are playing with toy cars at the end of the day… It doesn’t matter if you are “sponsored” or a club driver, running an RC car is meant to be fun.

Any hobbies outside of RC?
Unfortunately I don’t do anything exciting with my spare time. Mostly just hanging with friends and play some FIFA. I like to travel and see new places but with so much time racing I find it refreshing to go away for a week without the cars.

Anything you wish to add from your years of experience in the hobby?
Never trust Proline preglues

Shout Out /thanks to anyone?
Thanks to my Dad for his help in the pitlane, I wouldn’t be doing this hobby without him. Also big thanks to Liam Galvin and Andrew Rennick who have helped me improve massively while running the JQ car.

List of sponsors: Modeltune Distribution, JQ Racing