Driver Spotlight: Lorenzo Amtrak Davis

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Lorenzo has been busy Racing and making videos that you have seen online. Lorenzo has advanced quickly in the hobby from meeting him at Fall Brawl in 2017 to traveling to DNC in 2018 and the Nationals with the team this year. We like to say Renzo went from RTRs to the Nationals in one year!! Well done Renzo keep up the good work and looking forward to 2019 with the team and more videos!

Name: Lorenzo “Amtrak” Davis
Age: 40 yrs old
Experience: 1 yr

How did you get into RC?

-I got into RC threw my dad when we lived in Okinawa Japan, Runnin 1/10 Kyosho 2wd and 4wd back in the late 80s/ early 90s.

Biggest race attended? 
-The 2018 Dirt Nitro Challenge

Favorite track you have raced on? 
The 2018 Wicked Weekend Track

Your favorite driver?
-Ryan Maifield

The good and bad you have witnessed in your time in RC? 
Well I’ve only been racing for a year but I’ve seen alot of new people come into the hobby so i think its growing and getting alot of exposure to the public. The bad part that I hate is when people mix politics with RC Racing. To me, thats really killing the hobby! Racers have lost frienships over political beliefs and thats just ridiculous!

Persons you look up to in RC?
JQ, Keenan White, Ty Tessmann, Ryan Maifield, Ryan Lutz, Ken Rand, Luis Deigo, Leonard Murray, Griffin Hanna, Austin Woodyard, Trent Walker

The most memorable moment in your time in RC.
The Dirt Nitro Challenge! Best RC Racing experience so far!

Any advice for younger drivers? 
-Practice and race as much as you can. Keep it on all 4s and just SEND IT!!! Lol

Any hobbies outside of RC? 
Making Rc documentaries and music

Anything you wish to add from your time in the hobby so far?
-I just want to add that this hobby changed my life!! I’ve met some of the coolest people which I now consider my new family. I’ve made some of the greatest memories of my life racing and i will continue to strive to get better and land on the podiums for a very long time!

Shoutout to anyone?
-Big Shouts out to my dad for being there the whole way thruogh and supporting me and to Leonard Murray for getting me into Nitro and teaching all there is to know about it.