Quagraine Wins Nordic Champs 2016

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Joseph Quagraine has won the 2016 Nordic Championships held in Stockholm Sweden. The week end race catering to racers from Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark was a successful one for the Arma Energy JQRacing Team, with both junior Maxes making the main, Max Johansson finishing 7th, and Max Mört 9th. Johansson also placed in 3rd in the electric class. Oskari Matilainen also took 3rd in the Junior final, and with 3 cars in the main event, JQRacing tied for most cars in the main with HB. What a week end!

The race was TQed by David Ronnefalk, followed by Christoffer Svensson and JQ. The times were really close in qualifying with the rounds being decided on the last laps. David and JQ raced in the same semi final, and battled for the entire race, with David eventually coming out on top. The pace was fast enough to place them 1 and 2 on the grid for the main, with Svensson winning the other semi lining up 3rd.

The main was 60 minutes, and was pretty exciting for the first 10 minutes, with multiple lead changes, but then Ronnefalk clicked into a higher gear and pulled away. JQ and Svensson would go on battling for 2nd place for almost 45 minutes. At that time, Ronnefalk just lapped JQ and flamed out right after handing JQ the lead. The last 15 minutes JQ just maintained his lead over Svensson who fought off a hard charging Marcus Sandberg, and crossed the finish line winning his 10th Nordic Championship!

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