JConcepts 1st and 2nd at Finnish Nationals Round 1

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JConcepts has this year taken on more of a presence in Finland, after JQRacing added JConcepts to AKA as a 2nd tyre supplier for the team. Max Mört joined JConcepts fulltime, while other team members have been running both brands. This showed at the first national of the year in Turku, a town in south western Finland, where many racers chose JConcepts rubber, including eventual winner Ari Heinonen, and 2nd place finisher Joseph Quagraine.

Max Mört took the TQ, and was in a class of his own, but unfortunately he had problems in the semi final and missed the main.

Finnish Nationals Round 1/4 Turku

  1. Ari Heinonen Mugen Bullit JConcepts
  2. Joseph Quagraine JQRacing REDS JConcepts
  3. August Poutiainen JQRacing OS AKA
  4. Pekko Iivonen JQRacing SMJ JConcepts
  5. Joonas Hyvärinen JQRacing SMJ PL