JQRacing Victory at final Bolivian Nats with Chacon

JQRacing Victory at final Bolivian Nats with Chacon

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Top 3:

1st Jorge Chacon – JQRacing

2nd Wilson Cuellar – HBRacing

3rd Carlos Guerra – JQRacing

JQ Blog about Bolivia trip here, and race report below:

JQ Racing Bolivia drivers Bryan Bohrt, Javier Berrios, Jorge Zamora, Javier Rivera, Carlos Guerra and Jorge Chacon traveled to Cochabama for the last round of Bolivian Nats. Also attending this race JQ, Keenan White and current Brazilian Champion Marco Amaral. This race would have drivers attending from all over Bolivia.
The track is located on the property of track owner Frank Perez. With the Andes mountains in the background and the beautiful houses surrounding it made for a very scenic and relaxing atmosphere. The track was very tight and technical with many jumps and a very big double that sent you 25 feet in the air, perfect for fat whips. The biggest challenge was not the track but the 8000 ft above sea level, the lack of oxygen left the engines struggling for power and making turnmarshals even slower.

Friday was practice and figuring out how to get power out of the engines. By the end the day everyone’s cars and engines were ready for qualifiers on Saturday. There would be 4 rounds of 7 min buggy qualifiers. Brazilian Champion Amaral would take first qualifier and JQ would win the other three to take TQ. Carlos Guerra would start in 3rd Bryan Bohrt in 5th and Jorge Chacon in 7th. 4 JQs straight to the A Final. Now it was time for a BBQ and beers and relaxing with the guys before the finals the next day.
Sunday main days would see Javier Rivera bump from the B main to the A main, and for the longest time Javier Berrios was bumping up too, but an electronics problem put him out! Almost a perfect sweep for team JQ.

Now it was time for the A Final 30 mins of the last National race in Bolivia . JQ on pole taking the holeshot he pulled out to an early lead and checked out and lapped the field. Unfortunately after landing on top of another car from the big double JQs engine was damaged and he had to retire from the race. Young Gun Jorge Chacon was able to keep his cool and drove his Black Edition to the win after 30 mins. A great win for the youngster. Carlos Guerra would end up finishing in 3rd making it a 1 and 3 day for and great result for JQ Racing Bolivia.

Carlos Guerra racing the first ever Grey Edition in Bolivia was also able to get a 3rd place podium. This was the first time he ever drove the car and was able to show how great the ebuggy is well done to Carlos.

Also congratulations to Bryan Bohrt ( JQ Distributor) for finishing in 2nd place for the over all Bolivian nationals and Carlos Guerra for 2nd Place in the over all E buggy nationals.
It was a great time in Bolivia to meet our drivers and all the other drivers there. The passion is strong and these guys race and enjoy the hobby and they are putting in the time and effort and growing the hobby and enjoying the ride.
Thank you Bolivia and keep up the good work.