JQ Results Roundup – November Week 2

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JBRL Nitro Series

JQ Racing’s Top 40+ Driver Greg Degani takes 2nd place at the last JBRL at Hod Rod Hobbies this weekend. Greg would TQ and lead the whole race until an steering failure on the last lap cost him 1st place. He is now retired until the DNC well done Greg and see you at DNC!


Thornhill RC Pro Finals

JQ Racing Young Gun Jason Stubbs drives his Grey Edition EBuggy to first place in Sportsman ebuggy at RC Pro Finals. Jason and his father made the trip to Thornhill and took home some gold !!!! Well done Jason great work!!


Super 7 Series

Nick Costa sent us his race report from Thunder Alley Raceway in Wilson,NC Nick would finish 2nd in Nitro Buggy. Congratulations Nick keep up the good work!!

“I attended the last race of the super 7 series held at World of RC parts and Thunder Alley Raceway. We got a late start do to all the rain we have had. The track still had left over moisture from all the rain. Luis Diego worked his magic along with other crew and racers and got it worked in and ready to race. I started the day running pro nitro buggy. We ran 2 heats of qualifying and a main. In the first heat the track had so much grip in some sections of the track causing traction rolls, my Reds r5r was finally broke in and hooking and booking and was able to TQ the first round of qualifying using the new AKA P1’s. In Ebuggy I would finish 6th in the heat. This was my second time running Ebuggy, so I definitely got to get used to the on demand power of the Reds motor and esc for electric. 2nd heats I would finish 3rd with an overall of 2nd in nitro buggy and I finished 8th with an overall 8th for the mains. I decided to switch to AKA Impacts to combat the traction rolling for the main. I would start 2nd and end up second, I just didn’t have the speed to catch first due to the tire choice. Ebuggy I went with AKA Catapaults to combat the same traction rolling and ended up starting 8th and finishing 8th in the A-main. The JQ black and grey edition performed great and this was probably one the most relaxed fun days I have had in quite some time! I’d like to say thanks to Kennan k white, Steve Hein, Chris Gibson for all the help and support along with all of my sponsors.”

JQ Racing’s Steve Hein takes 1st place in the Lucky 7 Series held at Thunder Alley R/C Speedway in Wilson,NC . The 7 race series took place over the course of the 2018 season. Driving his Black Edition Buggy Steve’s consistency would pay off giving him a well earned 1st place overall. Congratulations Steve and let’s get ready for 2019!!


Colombia Regional Race

JQ Racing Colombia 🇨🇴Juan Felipe Navarrete claims second spot on the podium this weekend in Pereria, Colombia. Felicidades Juan!!! Congratulations!!


Uruguay Regional Race

Adrian De Luca pilots his JQ Racing Black Edition to 3rd place on the multi surface Tico -Tico track in Punta Del Este , Uraguay. Light rain would make the brick surface like ice but Adrian would still finish on the podium !! Congrats Adrian!


121 Raceway Club Race

The JQ Racing Jacksonville Crew Lorenzo and Kenneth headed out to 121 Raceway for some club racing with Lorenzo TQing and winning and Kenneth grabbing third ! Well done guys keep on repping JQ Racing!!