BLACK Edition News Wk. 12 – Low Rear Shock Tower

Lately we have been running fuel tubing on the rear shock shafts to limit up travel on most tracks. The reduced up-travel increases corner speed, but is worse in bumps. Now we have started using the JQB0374 tower that has lower shock holes. You can use this tower as stock, which reduces up travel slightly, and also makes it easier to achieve the correct down travel. You can screw the shock end on all the way, which adds safety. For smooth tracks, you can also try adding one additional shock o-ring on the shock shaft, to reduce up travel further. The correct shock length to run is 120-121mm with this tower.

As for the upper links, the stock middle hole, is the same as the lowest hole on this tower. This means that there is one higher row on this tower. This can be good to run in high grip or bumpy conditions, where we raise the hub with the middle insert. Specially if also running the high link hole on the hub. Give it a try!

The JQB0374 is available in the web shop now.