RCGP Factory Team


Joseph Quagraine

Home: Finland, USA, The World

Watch: Dreams and Hard Work

Max Mört

Home: Finland

Contact: Facebook


Factory Junior Team

Adam Fikri

Home: Malaysia

Contact: Facebook

Jason Stubbs

Home: TX, USA

Contact: Facebook

Luca Hornuss

Home: Taiwan/Germany

Contact: Facebook


Trent Walker

Home: FL, USA

Contact: Facebook

Luis Emilio Gudino

Home: Mexico




Keenan K White

International Team Manager

Home: Dominican Republic

Contact: Facebook



Legends and Celebrities

Greg Degani

Winningest JQRacing driver ever

Home: CA, USA

Contact: Facebook

Adam “Showtime” (Lifetime) Lewis

Home: UK

Watch: THETeaser

Josh Hansen

Home: USA

Watch: Hansen Into RC

J Smoker

Home: USA

Watch: Day In THELife

JQRacing Regional Reps. USA

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