JQ Results Roundup – September Week 3

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Border Wars 4 was held this past weekend at the Sun City RC Raceway in El Paso, Texas. The big man of JQ Racing himself, Joseph Quagraine, TQ’d and won the Open Nitro Buggy class. As the A main came around, the track had developed a ton of character like old school RC. JQ drove a smart 30-minute race to bring home the win with his Reds-powered Black Edition with JConcepts tires which he has been tweaking and tinkering to perfection as seen on his past blogs. He was followed by Wyatt Beiter (Mugen) in second place, and Cody Taylor (XRAY) in third place.

In Ebuggy Jeff Amos would drive his Grey Edition to finish 5th over all. It was a great weekend for JQ Racing at Sin City RC and congratulations to all the JQ Drivers that attended.



Race report by Ryan Millington
This weekend me and Cameron Saxon decided to go and run the Double header in South Carolina at S&B and At Easly! And we had nothing short of a blast both track where a ton of fun and great facilities.

S&B- this was the first race of the day and with only 1 run of practice before racing started it made the tire choice very difficult for me 😂 after struggling most of the day at finding what tire to be on I found myself sitting 3rd on the grid for the 10 min main. To start of I took the lead early on and had a heck of a battle for the win but I was a little to hard on tire making it really hard to push ended up second not to bad and definitely learned a lot so I pleased with that!!!

Easly- this was my first time ever racing here and as we got done at S&B everyone started the 15 min dash to the track! We got up just in time for our first qualifier after the first round I was sitting 2nd and I knew my car was going to want Green Dirt Webs all night! Second round was a ton better and I took TQ my a slim few tenths over Colby who I race for the win with at S&B come main time (1am😂) I started up front and from the time the tone went off I never looked back! Took the win by a substantial amount!”

Last Sunday, the ninth regional race organized by the nitro engine club pereira, where the Nitro Buggy category ran with intense heat. after a round of 10 minutes of qualifying where we did not have luck with the engine we got the second position, after the two heats each one of 15 minutes where the car behaved very well but the engine was failing, we got out in second position for the final. A final of 30 minutes with the track very dry very dusty and the competitors with experience and after a battle in the first 15 minutes we got into the first position and control the race until the last lap taking us the first place. as always the black edition put to the test and giving everything to achieve the best positions!



JQ Racing Puerto Rico driver Eliud Hernendez finishes 2nd at the SOR Championship held at the Fajardo RC track this past weekend!! Well done Eliud Hernandez!!