JQ Results Roundup – January Week 3

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Trent Walker tops off his great weekend with a win in A2 and 2nd overall in Open EBuggy . Ryan Millington would end up finishing 3rd for the weekend. Congratulations to Trent and Ryan as well as all the JQ Racing drivers in attendance. This was a great start to 2019 well done Team.

Well done Trent Walker for a great drive and taking over all TQ in Open Ebuggy at SIC🤘🏼Great work Trent and good luck in your last nitro qualifier.

JQ Racing Driver Ryan Millington and Trent Walker go 2-3 in A1 of Open Ebuggy!🤘🏼Millington would play the bump game after a lackluster qualifying performance,and he would bump from the C Main to the A and take 2nd in A1. Trent walker starting ok pole would end up in the 3rd position. Rounding off the top 10 was Jeff Keeton and Zac Karr to make it 4 JQ ebuggys in the top 10. Great work guys on to the next final good luck!

Nitro Buggy

Congratulations to JQ Driver Trent Walker for finishing 2nd in Open Nitro buggy and To Jeff Keeton for finishing 4th. The two teammates battled it out exchanging places the for most of the race a flameout for Jeff in the pits would relegate him to 4th. Great work guys an overall great result for the weekend!!🤘🏼

Zac Karr drives his JQ Black Edition to 2nd place over all after the 1st round of qualifying in the biggest class at SIC, Open nitro buggy great work Zac!!

JQ Racing pits at SIC


The JQ Racing Las Vegas Crew headed out to the Nitro Stadium Shootout this weekend. Congratulations Cody Walkers on the 3rd place in Open nitro buggy. View the full race report here.

“We had a clean start in the A Main and I caught 3 or 4 cars by the second lap. By then, I was hovering around 4th and 5th most of the race. About the 7 min mark or so I collided with an over turned car at the end of the straight away I heard the snap of an arm from the driver stand and thought it was all over. To my surprise my car kept chugging along. I felt bad for the car that just broke but there were blind spots all over the track and there wasn’t a whole lot I could do about not being able to see him. I set my idle just a hair to low and missed my pit guy when I came in for fuel so my car sat there till we got it figured out. I flamed out in the pits, but Paul got the motor fired right back up. After the all the pit commotion at least 3 cars had broken crashing on the triple and one of them was the leader. With only a couple minutes left, I was in 3rd with about 12 seconds on 4th place and I was able to put in some clean laps and sneak my way onto the podium.”