Driver Spotlight: Sebastian Azocar Lucchini

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This weeks driver spotlight is on the recently crowned Chile 🇨🇱 National Champion Sebastian Azocar Lucchini
Name: Sebastian Azocar Lucchini
Age: 34
Hometown: Viña del Mar, CHILE
Years Racing: 8

How did you get started ?
Since little I always liked rc, and with my first salary, I bought my first chinese buggy 1/10 sacale that last 5 minutes.. then I bought a real one (Losi 2.0 RTR) and rest was history

Biggest race attended ?
Paulinia Rancing (Brazil) sudamerican

Favorite track?
Private track located in Chile (south of Chile)

Favorite driver?
Robert Battle

How has the hobby changed for the good and bad?
For the good: new friends, better driver skills, new locations.
For the bad: only the endless amount of money that you have to spend if you really want to be one of the top drivers of your country.

People you look up to in RC?
Robert Battle, JQ

Most memorable moment?
Winning the nationals and becoming the 2018 Chilean Champion

Any advice for younger or new drivers?
Listen tho the elders, and if you really want to start in the racing rc community, dont start with shit rc cars, and buy the real ones from the beginning

Any hobbies outside of RC?
Dirt Bike enduro racing, off roading in my 4×4

Anything you wish to add from your experience over the years?
I realized by the hard way, that winning races is not only by your driving skills, is also and almost more important doing a proper service to your rc car every f@$@ time!!

Shout out or thank you to anybody?
Thanks to my wife for let me do this hobby that i love, and thanks to you Keenan an JQ for believing in me.

JQ, Comercial Azoluc Ltda.