Driver Spotlight: Ryan Millington

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This weeks racer spotlight is on young Ryan Millington who joined JQ Racing a few months ago and has been on fire since joining!

Name- Ryan Millington
Age- 17
Location- Statesville, NC

How did you get into RC?
Well I got into RC when a local track opened and a few of my friends got traxxas trucks and I just couldn’t resist once I got one I was in love with the hobby.

Biggest race attended
Definitely the CRCRC Winter nationals in Ohio!

Favorite Track
If I had to pick my favorite 1/8 track is definitely S&B and my favorite 1/10 track is definitely Beach RC

Favorite RC driver
Hmm that’s a tough one but I would have to say it’s Brian Kinwald

In your years of RC how has it changed for the good and the bad?
That’s definitely a tough question. I would have to say for the good people definitely seem to help beginners a lot more then when I started it seemed like a few years ago finding help was almost impossible now everyone helps and it’s definitely been a turn for the good! And for the bad it seems like now everyone thinks that they have to have a sponsorship to go fast but if they would just stick with a certain brand and continue to work on there skill they would end up a lot better off!

Person I look up to in RC
I would have to say Troy Meridith he has been a big mentor of mine for the past year and he is just a really knowledgeable person to know!

Most memorable moment in your time in RC
I would definitely say the biggest moment for me would be at this years Spring Sting at The Badlands I qualified second and lead 80% of the race over some incredible competition!

Advice for young drivers
I would definitely say The best thing any young racer can do is get one car and practice as much as possible and work on not wrecking and being consistent!

Any hobbies outside of RC?
Yes I do a lot besides RC I mainly race full sized cars and also do a lot of hunting/fishing and hanging out with friends!

Thanks to all my amazing supporters for getting me where I am today!