Welcome BLACK Amain

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Well, there we go. After a year or so of no Amain sales after they dumped us, we have some great news. Amain is BACK. Parts have already shipped and arrived, kits are shipping next week. As suspected, no one … Continued

JQRacing in Italy

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  JQRacing has been available in Italy ever since the beginning, but our presence has been lacking. Now we are looking to improve our presence in Italy, and build a team around the super fast Leo Valente who is racing … Continued

JQRacing Stronger in Germany, & Europe

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We have great news for all JQRacing followers in Europe, both racers and Hobby Shops, specially to the German speaking ones. RCFox in the western part of Germany in Cologne will beginning stocking, promoting and selling JQRacing products, as well … Continued

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